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Hormone Harmony


The Hormone Harmony Program is our support program tailored for people that want to take a deeper look at the cause of their symptoms and help their body to start healing. It is perfect for people struggling with low energy, stress, irregular sleep patterns, low libido and menstrual dysregulation (menopausal symptoms, heavy or irregular periods, Endometriosis, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and PMT).


$149.00 / week for 12 weeks



Testing Packages
  • Thyroid Profile which tells us exactly what is happening with your Thyroide
  • Halide Test allows us to determine if you have an Iodine deficiency
  • Metabolic Markers alert us to any deficiencies that could be impacting your metabolic functioning. 
  • Cardiovascular Profile examines your heart function and identifies any inflammation within your body.
  • Stress and Sleep Profile tell us how your body regulates sleep and stress throughout the day.
  • Sugar and Fat Storage Profile tells us how well you use food for energy or whether you store it as excess fat.

 2 x one-on-one consultations with a Lucy Rose Practitioner.

This will enable us to work together on a personalised treatment plan to regain your health and vitality and give you the support you need to achieve it. 

Weekly Member Calls

You’ll have access to our Weekly Member Calls conducted every Weekday. These calls will educate you across a range of different practical areas (e.g. diet and nutrition, exercise, mindset, supplementation, gut health) and help you connect with the wider Lucy Rose patient community.

HealthHub Access

The HealthHub is our 24/7 access portal created specifically to support you on your journey to better health. It takes a holistic approach to wellness by:

  • allowing you to set up SMS reminders to keep you accountable.
  • continually educating you on elements of your health through access to both of our online courses.
  • supporting any changes to your diet and nutrition through access to a meal planner and recipe portal.
  • helping you to build a strong mindset through different exercises specifically addresses to knock down any psychological walls that are slowing your success.
  • helping you to start moving your body with a range of exercise programs aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced level.  Ensuring you can start at the level you are comfortable and move up from there.