Support when diagnosed with Cancer

How do we get support?

People often feel overwhelmed, scared, anxious and upset after a diagnosis of cancer. These are all normal feelings. Having practical and emotional support during and after diagnosis and treatment of any type of cancer is very important. Support may be available from family and friends, health professionals or special support services.

More information about finding support can be found on this website: Living with cancer. This information deals with some of the challenges experienced by people affected by cancer. It includes information about managing some of the longer term side effects of medical treatment, how people close to you might feel after a diagnosis of cancer, and where to find practical and emotional support.

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Cancer support organizations
In addition, State and Territory Cancer Councils provide general information about cancer as well as information on local resources and relevant support groups. The Cancer Council Helpline can be accessed from anywhere in Australia by calling 13 11 20 for the cost of a local call.

Click here for a list of Cancer Councils and other cancer support organisations.
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