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Tea Tune-Up

By The Lucy Rose Clinic

January 8, 2020

Tea Tune-Up

When selecting a therapeutic tea to ease the afternoon away, why not combine it with a blend of herbs that work well in helping your thyroid too! Any herbs that address adrenal function, act as antioxidants, assist with sleep and calm the nervous system, are great options to think about. So, what herbs would benefit the thyroid?

To help with:  improving brain function and mental clarity

Use:  Gingko, Rosemary

When:  any stage during the morning to early afternoon

To help with:  adrenal calming

Use:  Licorice, Rehmannia

When:  morning or night

To help with:  improving blood sugar metabolism

Use:  Cinnamon, Gymnema

When:  morning

To help with:  nervous system support or during times of stress

Use:  Oatsraw, Chamomile

When:  morning or night

To help with:  improving sleep

Use:  Passionflower, Chamomile, Hops

When:  before bed

To help with:  improving digestions

Use:  Peppermint, Chamomile, Ginger, Lemon juice in warm water (first thing in the morning)

When:  before meals

To help with:  antioxidant protection

Use:  Green tea, Thyme

When:  morning

Quantities:  1-2 tsp of dried herb, steeped for 5 mins in hot water. Sit back and enjoy!

Please note that some herbs are not recommended with certain prescribed medications or during pregnancy. Always get the professional advice from a naturopath or herbalist if you have any uncertainties or need to clarify what is best for you.


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