My experience with Head Office re appointments and directions to office was excellent. Testing was easy and the consultation appointments with Kimberly very informative. Great so far - looking forward to the results.

KERRY REINHOLD – 2nd appointment (10TH JANUARY 2019)

It's been a long road full of twists & turns, But Christine has been amazing.What started as a Hypothyroid issue, we investigated further and found food allergies which resulted in weight falling off.The combo of CurcumaPro and C Complex resulted in a huge reduction of asthma episodes and facial puffiness.I've lost 8kg in 4 weeks just from removing food allergens / intolerances.I finally feel I have answers to generations of health issues.


This has been an amazing journey for me. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2009 and IBS in 2015. I was recommended to The Lucy Rose Clinic by a friend last year but it wasn't until early this year when my health was suffering and I couldn't understand why, that I decided to book in. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself! Caitlin has been so supportive, understanding and helpful guiding me through every step of the way. The specific blood tests and food intolerance testing has changed the way I feel. I no longer have any IBS symptoms!! I haven't felt this good in 3 years. This is a life time change and it's amazing how the body can heal with the right foods. I urge any one that has not been feeling 'right" in the mind and body to make that decision and book in to The Lucy Rose Clinic. Thank you 🙂 Sylvia

Silvia – Google Review July 2018

Dietary changes have been easier than I ever imagined.I am feeling well.  Losing weight eating more. 


Happy to date.I feel as though I'm finally getting some answers and seeing improvements.I'm feeling better already with the slight changes I'm implementing.Christine has been very helpful and educating.


This experience with Sandy and The Lucy Rose Clinic was the best, healthiest decision I have ever made.Sandy was absolutely amazing with the advice and how I should proceed.  I reduced my medications and now only need one major blood pressure. I started as an 81 year old at 93kg and after 3 months am down to my correct age of 67 and 82kgs.  This is most definitely thanks to Sandy’s efforts and for introducing me to a correct diet of general day to day eating.  I have great energy, sleep amazingly and my digestion is fantastic for the first time ever.Thank you Sandy so much for everything!


I was feeling very stressed, not sleeping. Have lost 20kg in only a few months.I had very sore legs and arms and very bad post-natal depression. Now feeling lots better, no post-natal depression, leg & arm pain nearly gone, sleeping better.


Out of desperation – I reached out to The Lucy Rose Clinic! I am so glad I did, my life is turning around for the better. Feel so much better & I have only begun my journey back to health.  Thank you for everything so far.My energy levels are better, I am sleeping better & life is better.I am looking forward to continuing this way.Thank you, Thank you!!!


When I started coming to the Clinic I didn’t know where I was at.  My Thyroid was all over the place. Since seeing Christine over the last year things have improved dramatically.I have more energy and my Thyroid results are now heading in the right direction!


When I first came to The Lucy Rose Clinic I was a very sick woman.  I was tired all the time, no energy and lots of sweating.I could hardly stand up straight in the shower and felt sick all the time.Since working with Kimberly she has given me medicine that has made me feel well again. I have my energy back and are doing things again. Haven't even finished the program yet so I will probably feel even better than this.Thank you Kimberly and the Lucy Rose Center.


At the end of October 2017 after numerous attempts at seeing the GP and going to casualty my partner, as he always does, took one of the “girlie” magazines to the toilet while he did his business.  Only that morning I was complaining how terrible I felt and how I thought I was literally “dying” as no one would listen to what I was saying.  Every time I went for help the response would be all your signs look good, they did the blood tests and numerous others so, as far as the “experts” were concerned I was in wonderful health. Well, they weren’t living in my body.  I am 60 years old, tall, always been lean, highly active and ate well, I thought.  I would go to the gym regularly about 4 times a week and did two spin classes and two pump classes.  I was feeling good in those days.  I had been crying out for help for about 4 – 5 years from memory and every time I went for help my symptoms became worse and worse.
It was a slow progression but by the time I went to the Lucy Rose Clinic I was completely sure that my life was ending.  I had put weight on ( I wasn’t eating different), felt tired (that’s an understatement, I could hardly function when I got out of bed after 9 hours sleep), couldn’t think straight (felt like I wasn’t in this world and everything I did was slower), my bones ached, I felt like my body was on continual fire and I could not cool it down no matter what I tried…. these were just a few of the symptoms. So, back to the beginning, my partner came out and put the magazine on the table and said have you seen this?  He said read it, it might be what the answer is, you have tried everything else.  I read the article and what the hell, I may as well give it a try, I had nothing to lose, I was already losing the person I once was.  Because of where I live I had the choice of going to Sydney or Canberra… I opted for Canberra as the drive was simpler.
I made a booking and an appointment was made.  Thus, I met Audrey Macro my life saver.  To make a long story short, it now has been probably about 4 months, I invested in my health to find out if there was anything wrong with my thyroid.  And bingo, they finally diagnosed something.  I was just relieved that I knew I had something and that it wasn’t all in my head.  After several tests, herbal medicines and supplements and a diet change my life was finally changing.  I am not saying that it will be the ultimate cure and I will be what I was say a couple of years ago but I certainly am feeling much better.
I am working through the stages with Audrey, I have gone back to gym three times a week, I have lost weight but, weight I should never have had in the first place, I am eating better in the sense I read labels, I don’t eat foods that are GF and I am more aware of what I put in my mouth every day.  I make sure that if I can afford to buy an organic product I will.  It just tastes so much better and I go to the grocers and look at the array of fruit and vegetables as my pharmacy.  Every thing in there is my medicine.  If I can help a health problem naturally I will do everything I can to do that as I don’t want to take medicines unnecessarily, my mother passed last year and was taking up to 28 tablets before she passed, everyone giving her some side effect, so I know what medicine can do to you.
I needed to tell you this story as I want people to know how helpful Audrey is.  She is totally committed to her career as a Naturopath and tries her utmost to help where ever possible.  If it wasn’t for her efforts and mine of course, it always takes two, I would not be where I am today.  My road to the healthiest I can be is not over yet however I know I am on my way back and where ever that road stops it will be a long way from where I was when I walked into Audrey’s office.  I would recommend anyone to her.  She is totally committed to her profession and Lucy Rose Clinic is privileged to have her working there.
It is not too many times in life you find people in a profession that are as caring and compassionate and sincere as Audrey is.  If your not well, and you don’t know what is going on with your body try the LRC, don’t waste time and in particular, if you are near Canberra go to Audrey - I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Feeling tired and being unable to lose weight no matter how hard I tried, I came to visit Kirsty at The Melbourne Clinic. I had been diagnosed with Hashimotos Hypothyroidism many years ago.  Although I was on Thyroid hormone replacement therapy I felt more needed to be done.  The results from Naturopathy have been outstanding. I am very happy, feel much better and can't thank Kirsty enough.

MAMIE H. 13th MARCH 2018

After years of weight gain and then diets to lose it, fatigue, lack of energy, and thinking this is what post menopause was all about  discovered an ad for Lucy Rose Clinic in the Qantas mag on a flight to see my daughter in QLD. I looked into  that an after an initial appointment and a raft of tests it was discovered that my thyroid was a bit underperforming so that at last, there was a reason for my condition but also an avenue forward. Since being on the tablets and powder I have noticed a significant increase in energy and motivation. Whereas before I would only tackle one job a day now I do several plus do them much more thorough because I have the energy. I have started to sleep better as well as before I was awake several times a night. Doctors ignored the thyroid and kept insisting it was depression and other things but I am glad I visited the Lucy Rose Clinic as now I feel better than I have in ages, Thankyou Tiaan and team 


"I love Zazen water!  I could never drink a full glass of water before without feeling overfull and wanting to gag.  This included spring bottle water.  Now with Zazen a glass of water goes down smoothly and can easily follow up with another one or two.  My family and friends have also been impressed and are switching to this filtered water.  Since starting Zazen water I've started to lose some weight and have had people comment on how lovely and clear my skin is. "


" Since seeing Christine I have notices a remarkable change in my health,  mindset,  and weight.   It is nice to have such a friendly, knowledgeable natural practitioner on 'my side'. "


"After years of dieting, mostly successful in the short term but inevitably not in the long term,  I discovered I had a very high fat percentage putting me in the 99 percentile.This spurred me on to seek help for my weight problem.  I have been taking Thyroxine for 20 years and my blood tests are 'normal'.My Experience with Kimberly, in Adelaide, has been informative and kind.  I've discovered from the Thyroflex test that my Thyroid is very under active despite my taking Thyroxine.I can't express the relief I felt that maybe there would be an answer and treatment to help not only my weight, but my ongoing lack of sleep and general foggyness.I've only just started my treatment but I'm sleeping much better and I feel more hopeful. I now have to adapt the other plans, such as going dairy and wheat free.  I'm looking forward to seeing Kimberly in a month's time with more improvement.Thanks you so much Kimberly.Kind Regards,Angela."


"I have enjoyed my experience at The Lucy Rose Clinic, and the benefits are very positive on my well being.  It can only improve with time. "


Thank goodness for The Lucy Rose Clinic.My mother had Thyroid problems for years and once I turned 30 I had my Thyroid tested with my GP every few years.   Many GP’s over the years always gave my Thyroid a thumbs up, sometimes mentioning my TSH was slightly elevated but they weren’t concerned by this.   Many years later when I knew I wasn’t well and expressed my concern, GPs dismissed my complaint and two unbelievably offered anti-depressant medication.   I changed GP’s frequently, unable to find one that I was happy with.    I had gained 30kgs, could barely stay awake to get through the working day, slept all weekend, could barely move with sore muscles and joints, slept badly, had digestive problems, got migraines for the first time in my life, had no libido and was feeling very unhappy.   My life had ground to a halt and I felt powerless to change it.   Having always been fit and active I kept attempting to push myself physically to get back into shape, but this made me worse… so tired, so sore and I kept falling over when exercising and lacked coordination.   What was wrong with me?So I got online, and one of the first sites I found were testimonials from happy clients at the Lucy Rose Clinic.   Within 5 minutes I had booked an appointment and never looked back.    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, even though a GP had tested me only a few months earlier and claimed I was healthy. With high quality care, information and treatment from The Lucy Rose Clinic, I can finally say I feel like my life has promise again for the first time in years.    I have lots of energy, my muscle and joint pain has gone so I’ve been able to start to gain my fitness back, I sleep better, I no longer have digestive issues and I’m back to my happy self.    Don’t rely on general medical practice to test and assist with Thyroid problems. Book into The Lucy Rose Clinic, you won’t regret it.


The Lucy Rose Clinic provided me with wonderful service.  The practitioners Tiaan & Audrey are really lovely, super helpful and genuinely want to help you achieve optimal health.  It's been a lovely experience so far, and I really appreciate what they've done for me.

JOANNA (19th JULY 2017)

Finding The Lucy Rose Clinic and Tiaan has literally been life changing for me. After over a year of struggling with health, energy and thyroid problems, I have finally turned a massive corner with the support & guidance offered by Tiaan. I am back to my old self, with endless energy and a whole new outlook on life. Thankyou TLRC.

Elise Griffin (13 June 2017)

I work in a radiology department on phones:  I had the privilege of speaking to a patient,  who could not speak highly enough about Kimberly.  We got on the subject of "thyroid" and shared our issues.  To cut a long story short,  this patient  (who is a client at Lucy Rose Clinic)  was the HOPE I needed after 21 years of suffering.I have attended my first appointment with Kimberly and I have no words except:  Amazing,  hope and  OMG finally I feel I have found my right fit!!!


Service & Treatment plans have been sensational. Much improved in myself and still more improvement to go. Would highly recommend.

Carolyn Christie (25th MAY 2017)

Finding The Lucy Rose Clinic & Tiaan has literally been life changing for me. After over a year of struggling with health, energy & thyroid problems I have finally turned a massive corner with the support & guidance offered by Tiaan. I am back to my old self, with endless energy & and whole new outlook on life! Thank you Lucy Rose

Elise Griffin (13TH JUNE 2017)

Christine is great  explains everything.   I'm feeling great  however I need to focus more on my remedies and not run out. But feeling great.


After 6 weeks of treatment, under the wonderful guidance of Kirsty, I have gone from feeling tired, sluggish and 'blah' all the time, to feeling happy, energised and alive (and, I've lost 5kg!)I can't wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring !!Thank you Kirsty


Very happy with treatment as of for:Feeling much better in area's of concern.Explanation of plan of action by ChristineVery very good. Thank-you Christine.    Cannot wait to feel like a new women again.


When I first came to Lucy Rose Clinic,  my energy was really low,  I felt sluggish,  and I wouldn't be getting my period.  I've actually haven't had it for about 2 years.  The medication that LRC / Tiaan provides has helped me get my energy levels back as well as my regular periods back.


I've appreciated the help & advice I've received from Kimberly,  and have improved considerably since my first appointment with her.   I realize I have to be more stringent with my diet ie: dairy & sugar,  but it's a work in progress!  Kimberly is very thorough with our discussions & also very encouraging with her continuing support.


I am very pleased with Julianna she has been very helpful and has explained everything in an easy to understand and friendly manner


I can't speak highly enough of the treatment & care I have received in particular from Kirsty.  I have more energy than ever before,  my anxiety has reduced by over 90% and she has helped me achieve my first pregnancy.I feel so confident and assured that I am receiving the best possible care for me and my baby.Thank you doesn't even cover my gratitude!  Kirsty you are amazing,  don't know where I would be without you


Dear Toni,As 2016 draws to a close, I want to thank you for everything you have done for me over the last four and a half months. It has been a rocky road, but I would never have been able to do it without your help.     You are a fountain of knowledge and most of all you have inspired me to take ownership of my health.You may recall when I first came to see you, I was very unwell suffering from a lack of energy, overweight, dangerously high levels of cholesterol, over stressed with daily life activities - just to name a few things.    However, I was also determined not to jump on the pharmaceutical prescription roller coaster, and with your help and natural supplementation, I have been able to change my lifestyle, lower my cholesterol from 8.2 to 5.0 in a record 14 weeks(my GP is amazed!), my insomnia has disappeared and I am sleeping like a “baby” and I believe I am on the road to a complete recovery and will be the same old person I used to be in a matter of months.Thank you for guiding me through the maze of facts and fiction, and empowering me with knowledge to help myself feel so much better.   Also, please pass on my thanks to the clinic staff who have always been very helpful with making appointments, ordering additional supplements and providing information as required.All the best to you and all your family for Christmas and the New Year and I look forward to working with you again in 2017.Cheers,Doreen


To whom it may concern,
Just a quick note to let you know what a fantastic experience I have had from the first phone call I made.The receptionist was so caring and lovely and was so understanding towards me that for the first time in years I felt I had someone who was willing to listen to me. I will highly recommend this clinic to anyone. Kimberly is very compassionate and very understanding as well. Her knowledge is UNBELIEVABLE we need more of her around.


I just feel amazing on the Formula one, I've never felt better and can't believe I accepted how I felt all these years before seeing Kim. I SPREAD THE WORD


Since I had been seeing Kirsty at the Lucy rose Clinic, I have been feeling better than ever.Recommend anyone out there to definitely make an appointment and see the consultant.  Being able to live almost normal life is a bless.I am more energetic and enjoying my life every day.


Very good service and helpful.  Feeling a lot better now than when I first came.  Wouldn't hesitate recommending this Clinic to others


I listened to my body & knew something wasn't right.  Noticed band around my neck,  excessive weight gain around middle & not happy within myself.  Irritable & not sleeping well.I would do the testing again in a heart beat.Kimberly explained everything, she is absolutely fantastic.  I am feeling  much better and empowered.  No weight loss at this point in time but feeling much more happier in myself.  . Thank you so much.


I am so pleased with my treatment at The Lucy Rose Clinic.  After years of exhaustion, brain fog, muscle pain and weight gain, everything makes sense now.  The program is easy to follow  ( though quite expensive ) and Christine is lovely.


Dear Sandy,  Just dropping a line to say its been a couple of months since I started the “Treatment Plan” and I must say its been a very long time since I have felt this good.  I had actually forgotten what feeling well was like!   As you may recall, when I came to you I had seen quite a number of Naturopaths and various doctors who looked at me and placed me in the “Your old, menopausal box” and there I stayed until you listened to me and heard what I was saying.  Thank you Sandy and the Lucy Rose clinic.  Because of the full tests you carried out and found the cause of the problem I am now on the path to a healthy and happy life again.  I can’t believe that in such a short time that I am back to being so active.  No more aches and pains, no more bloating, nor more headaches and the list goes on.  Life is wonderful once more.  I recall sitting in your office and the look of sympathy on your face when you were telling me about the food/drink allergies I have and that how my “very healthy eating” was actually for "Me - Heike”  not healthy as the scientific evidence states.   (A diet of sweet potato, eggs, calamari, prawns, wheat, buckwheat, Kale, garlic, etc. etc. and  gin, whisky, white wine very moderately!!! The list goes on.)   For me Sandy the news was fantastic  -  I finally had knowledge of what not to eat and that it was the food and drink together with the adrenal glands working overtime.  Eating Gluten Free and being Lactose intolerant is not a hardship - not knowing what was wrong with me was.  I have embraced gluten free eating (and so have my friends and family who are amazed at the tastiness), I sleep well, eat well and have so much energy.  I am looking fantastic; my body shape has changed and the massive weight gain is no longer a problem. Every week I think I am at complete health but yet every week I feel better than the last.  Its an amazing journey and its so simplistic.  I would recommend everyone to have the full tests done - and I do.  Everyone who tells me of their health issues I tell them my story and encourage them to invest in their health.  Food really is the “fountain of youth” or a very slow poison.  Thank you Sandy and the team at the Lucy Rose Clinic.

Heike Truscott (17th June 2016)

I am a 47 year old woman and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 6 years ago.    Carmell Serafin at the Newcastle Clinic has,  in just six months, done more for my health than 6 years of specialists and my GP.   While the Thyroxine kept my TSH levels ‘in the zone’,  it did absolutely nothing for my fatigue,  weight gain,  aches and pains,  memory problems and  generally feeling like an 80 year old!   Carmell has shown empathy and understanding  throughout my treatment process and has invested her time to ensure we are on the right track.   I am finally feeling good again and am confident that I will continue to improve.   Thank you Carmell – I am getting my life back!


Came to see Mags feeling very tired and sluggish.She has now got me on track and I am feeling fantastic.Thanks Mags very happy with your results.Gail


I've been taking herbs made by Maggs @ Sunshine Coast Thyroid clinic since Aug 2015 for my hot flushes & insomnia and I have to say this is the best treatment I've had for these symptoms that I've experienced  for the past 5 yrs.In the past I've taken compounded hormones and then vitamins from the chemist & neither compare to what I'm currently doing w' these herb.I'm truly grateful.Thank you,Amanda

Amanda Herz (3rd June 2016)

Since the treatment from the WONDERFUL Kristy I have noticed my mood has improved 3000%,  I'm coping with life better,  more energy, clearer thinking,  weight loss,  and I finally feel like ME again.GP's have no idea how to treat someone with my symptoms but Kristy has nailed it  🙂

Heather McGlynn (18th May 2016)

Feeling a lot more energized since what I was like before I started this program.

Marie Murnane (11TH May 2016)

Via Email: Firstly, thank you for your emails, to which I have only been getting recently. I have not been into your Sunshine Coast. Noosa clinic for quite sometime now as it seems I am no longer suffering from a low thyroid. I was initially diagnosed through blood tests to having a low thyroid and put on medication, to which did not agree with me. I found out about your clinic, attended a consultation, had your testing done (thyroid) and was prescribed a few medications, to which I took. Within the next couple of weeks I felt better. Within the next couple of months, felt even better. Then around six months later, 'walla', I got pregnant. Although I was very sick during the pregnancy my blood tests showed normal thyroid levels. I should have made the time to come into your clinic, but found everything so exhausting due to feeling ill. After having my little bundle, I had more blood tests (in hospital), which were normal. I am doing well and still breastfeeding with my baby almost two years now.   

I would like to thank you and will endeavour to make another appointment when I have a bit more time. I just thought this email might be a 'bright note' for all you hard working people at the Lucy Rose Clinic.   
Friendly Regards,  Andrea Blackmore

Andrea Blackmore – 11th May 2016

First follow up visit with Christine and I can't believe how fantastic I feel.  The "Treatment Plan" I have been following under her guidance has already made and amazing impact on my day to day life!  Extremely excited to continue along my path to see what the final outcome will be,  if the past fie weeks is any indication all I can say is "WOW"!!  Thank you Christine.

Denise Harris (5th May 2016)

I came to The Lucy Rose Clinic after having my Thyroid tested by a Doctor.  He told me my Thyroid was fine.  I was always tired,  couldn't get through the day.  I couldn't sleep without sleeping tablets.  I was always headachy,  & hot & sweaty.  I couldn't function as a normal 57 year old woman,  and my 88 year old mother could do more than me!  I phoned The Lucy Rose Clinic in desperation as I lived 2 1/2 hours from the closest one. They did a reflex test on me for my Thyroid and found I DID have Thyroid problems.  It was under active.  After 13 weeks of treatment with Iodine & other supplements I am feeling so much better.  I have lots of energy to get me through the day,  and can sleep without the aid of tablets most of the time.  I'm sure in the coming months that will improve even more. I can't thank the lovely Audrey  Marco at The Lucy Rose Clinic in Canberra enough.  She has given me my life back.

Janine Seider (22nd April 2016)

My experience here has been amazing. I have gone from very unhappy, tired, angry and a not happy person to a whole new person. I am now happy, healthy, losing weight, loads of energy and enjoying life. I feel the clinic has helped  me turn my life around in only a few short months. Thank you.

Carly Stephens 31st March 2016
(Sunshine Coast)

Prior to seeing Kimberly I was tired and moody most of the time, I now have only been seeing her for 3 months . Not only am I a new woman but a better wife & mum. She has fixed alot of my thyroid problems and other health issues.Also bought a Zazen water filter.  Water from Heaven! In 3 days... WOW!!!  Our family health responded that quick, in a lot of ways.

Katherine Bolderoff 24th February 2016

I first visited in December with symptoms of tiredness, weight gain, aches in my joints, palpitations. Now after 2 months I feel I am back to my old self of walking, going to the gym and with some more treatment I am hoping to get back to my normal weight.

Maureen Griffiths February 2016

Amazing transformation in a very short time, now I know what my concerns were eg. weight gain for no reason have been confirmed with the extensive tests that were necessary to help with my issues.

– Kristina Damiani, 17th February 16