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At the Lucy Rose Clinic, we conduct in-depth functional thyroid and hormonal testing to find the underlying cause of your symptoms. Each of the markers included in each of our testing panels has been specifically selected to investigate an aspect of your physical and biochemical functioning. Our practitioners are experts in the analysis and interpretation of this data to determine what is causing your symptoms. They then use this to put together a personalised treatment plan to help your body heal and get you back to feeling your best.

Our Testing Panels

Thyroid Profile


Suffering from thyroid symptoms? This profile is for you. It is the ultimate thyroid test, which measures every aspect of your thyroid’s functioning. It includes 8 different markers to measure not only thyroid function but also any antibodies that may be attacking it.

Halide Profile


This profile measures the amount of Iodine your body needs, and whether Bromide is blocking its absorption. Iodine is critical for the healthy functioning of your hormonal system and yet 50% of Australian women are Iodine deficient.

Stress & Sleep Profile


This profile measures your stress and sleep hormones (Cortisol and Melatonin) throughout the day. This is important as excess stress hormones and not enough sleep can disrupt the functioning of almost all of your body’s processes.

Sugar & Fat Storage


This profile examines how well your body converts food into energy or whether it stores it as excess fat. It includes markers that measure energy, weight, sugar and carbohydrate cravings. It is crucial for anyone who is struggling to lose weight.

Cardiovascular Profile


This profile examines your cardiovascular and inflammatory markers. This provides an in-depth look at your cardiovascular disease risk factors and the levels of inflammation within the body, which can cause serious health challenges if untreated.

Metabolic Markers


This profile measures the nutritional markers that are integral to the optimal functioning of your body. Any imbalances in these markers can directly impact your the function of your thyroid, and detoxification pathways and slow your metabolism.

Detox Profile

This profile gives us a complete picture of how your liver is functioning. Your liver is critical in detoxing your body of harmful chemicals and when its functioning is impaired it can impact your energy levels, cause digestive distress, and impact your overall health.

Sex Hormone Profile


This profile measures the main sex hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. Imbalances in these hormones can have an extensive impact not just on menstruation, ovulation and fertility but also on other areas such as hair growth and libido.

Food Intolerance Profile


This profile measures the foods that you may be intolerant to that are driving inflammation, sapping your energy, and impairing weight loss. These foods can affect you more than 48 hours after you eat them and the effects can be ongoing.

The Lucy Rose Guarantee

We are so confident we can improve your health that we guarantee our Body Boss program (This is our ultimate, all-inclusive program that encompasses all of the tests above). If you don’t feel better over the course of the program we will offer you complimentary appointments until we see results.

The Fine Print

  • Only available on the Body Boss Program (16 weeks)
  • Results are defined as any form of symptom improvement.
  • Patient must have followed the recommendations of our practitioners as outlined in their personalised treatment plan and tracked through their daily diary
  • Patient must have completed all of the consults allowed in the program
  • Complementary appointments defined are a maximum of 2 check in calls per month for a duration of no longer than 6 months. The 6 months starts after the patient finished the final consultation allocated in their program.
  • Lack of results must be able to be seen on the thyroflex form completed by the patient at each appointment.

Confused About Testing?

Let us help! Book a free consultation and one of our team will take you through our testing process and how in-depth functional testing combined with our personalised treatments  can help you alleviate your symptoms.