The “Family” Thyroid Connection: Teenage Girls

Tonight’s “Family Thyroid Connection” is specially curated for parents of teenager girls.

There may be a point where her mood swings and anxiety, may reach a stress point for her, and, there may be an underlying issue or be seen physically as she goes through hormonal shifts.

Let’s discuss how one patient knew it was time to get it checked out, so that you too, may be able to get help.

Recently, we had a 15 year old girl coming to see us over several months.

She was incredibly moody, stressed, and highly anxious.

Her period was very uncomfortable and extremely heavy for a 15 year old.

Her mum suffered from a hypothyroid and graves, and was put on prescription therapy at a fairly young age.

We were really helped mum when she came in, so when her daughter presented with similar symptoms she had experienced at her age, she booked in straight away.

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When we tested mum’s 15 year old daughter, it was no surprise to see that she was deficient in iodine, vitamin d, and she had thyroid problems.

The worst part for her was hair loss and brittle nails.

She was given a specific treatment program that had her getting the essential nutrients from supplements and a herbal tonic.

Her diet was very poor, consisting of mostly pasta and junk food. And she wasn’t very willing to budge on that!

Within 8 weeks of starting her treatment plan, she came back to see Inna, our practitioner in Sydney, and she was most happy with how much better she was sleeping.

She was dealing with her school stress much better and her energy was through the roof.

Thyroid and hormone conditions can be genetic. Especially graves and hashimoto’s.

When teens go through puberty or start menstruating, their hormones change and create a greater demand on their thyroid.

Hence the need to keep a close eye on their symptoms, moods, and communicate how they are feeling.

That feedback can be monumental in knowing if there is a potential nutrient deficiency.

Free 15 Minute Intro Consultation with a Qualified Practitioner

For this young lady, her appearance and her marks were really important to her.

So when she felt like she was failing and insecure going to school because of her period pains, it was for good reason.

She had more going on than just “the attitude”.

Her hormonal shifts started to put pressure on her nutrient levels, that were poor because of her genetic make up, and her lack of nutritional support.

Our treatment plan helped her body get “topped up” with the support her body needed and boosted her confidence.

Today, we’re having more young women put onto birth control at a young age due to PCOS or heavy periods, and many more conditions.

And so much of it may be due to the thyroid hormone.

If you resonate with any of the common symptoms (weight gain, fatigue, poor memory, brain fog, hair loss, softening or brittle nails, depression, sugar cravings, irritability, chronic pain, muscle aches), there’s a good chance that you could have slowing thyroid hormone.

Or it’s possible that mum’s thyroid wasn’t perfect and she didn’t know how to correct it.

More importantly, if your kids are having any issues and you are feeling tired, getting brain fog, suffering from poor memory, or any of the conditions mentioned above, they are good reason to come in for a consultation to get your thyroid looked at.

Free 15 Minute Intro Consultation with a Qualified Practitioner

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