The Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Thyroid Patients

The Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Thyroid Patients

There are so many wonderful things we can do to support our patients nutritionally, herbally and through diet to help bring their thyroid hormones back to balance. But one thing that’s often forgotten (well something I forget about all the time) is the spiritual and emotional side of thyroid disorders. Some beautiful quotes I have read about the spiritual connection of the thyroid are:


“If you struggle to communicate–whether the difficulty is not listening to others or not expressing yourself effectively–you likely have health issues in the areas of the mouth, neck and thyroid…people with thyroid problems are frequently very intuitive but are unable to voice what they see because they too often struggle to keep the peace or win people’s approval.” (1)


“Thyroid; The Thyroid represents the communication between the Head and the Heart. Thyroid problems most often represent a lack of or miscommunication between what one thinks and one’s Truth. Problems may also represent a lack of ability to speak up for one’s self. ” (2)


“According to Dr. Paul Ridker, a Harvard University medical professor, those of us who express a highly tuned immune system – and therefore a faster and more intense inflammatory response – may be at greater risk for a heart attack than those who have higher levels of cholesterol but lower levels of inflammation. This may answer the question: why do some people with advanced heart disease (i.e., badly blocked arteries) survive years, while others, whose levels of cholesterol and arterial congestion is relatively low, had heart attacks? Further it drives home how important it is to your health to control excess inflammation.” (3)

““The key to all learning, all balance in all areas of our life, lies within that precept, “Know thyself’ –a simple enough azium–and yet it is one that creates tremendous difficulty with many. Most people are unwilling to take the time to know themselves and thus they give that responsibility and power over to others. They hire others to know for them…..Theoretically, it sounds good, but ultimately it cannot be done.” (4)

“The thyroid gland’s proximity to the voice box is most interesting, as hypothyroidism can be due to having spent many years “swallowing” or “stifling” your words or needs, until you are unable to fully express yourself. This is fairly typical for women who easily put others’ needs ahead of their own and whose views or opinions are often deemed less important. If this is the case, then finding your voice and learning to express your thoughts and feelings are vital.(1)”


And below is a sample of a nice, short and sweet meditation one can do to spiritually bring back the balance of the thyroid or clear away any spiritual blocks.





Tiaan Bennett 

Tiaan holds a Bachelor of Health Science specialising in Naturopathic Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Therapies.After graduating, Tiaan worked as an alternative health and lifestyle writer for various health related magazines and websites and had the opportunity to travel to South America where she hosted a Television Program to educate the community about healthy lifestyle and dietary choices and to prepare healthy yet delicious and simple meals.

As a Naturopath, Tiaan’s approach to optimal health combines biomedical science and evidence based research with herbal and nutritional medicines and dietary therapy to bring back health and wellness to the body.

Tiaan has a burning desire to inspire and educate those who wish to improve their health and want to live a vibrant and energetic life. She believes that being healthy should be fun and rewarding and is passionate to help others achieve their goals based on the principals that the body has the innate ability to heal itself.

Tiaan is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).




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(3) Alive Magazine, February 2007, No. 292

(4)  Ted Andrews, The Healer’s Manual

The Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Thyroid Patients

The Importance of Spiritual Awareness for Thyroid Patients