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Could It Be Your Thyroid?

Have you ever been clinically assessed for a thyroid problem?

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How can you really achieve optimal health?

“… Anyone can be brought up to the top of their constitutional capabilities when tested adequately for thyroid hormone. This would only be done by clinical assessment.” – Sir Richard Ian Samuel Bayliss, Physician to the Queen.

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  • We can get you the results you want with your health
  • We will be there every step of the way
  • We offer a skilled and in depth clinical assessment to personalise your treatment and finely tune your biochemistry and hormonal system
  • We are a team of fully qualified and highly skilled naturopaths with a focus and clinical expertise in thyroid health.
  • We are at the forefront of evidence -based integrative health, using the best of both complementary and conventional health care

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If so, you could have a thyroid problem.

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What is the thyroid?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped hormonal gland that sits at the front of your throat. It sits just below your Adams apple and has two lobes that rest on either side of your windpipe. The thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones (T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin) and the body converts the inactive form of thyroid hormone, T4, into T3, the hormone that does all the work.

The thyroid is like the conductor at the orchestra if you like; it manages cellular speed in the body. It controls your weight, energy, mood, temperature and even your memory! Your thyroid also works closely with your blood sugar system and the adrenal glands (the stress and energy centres of the body) to regulate energy.

Overall, the thyroid gland is responsible for the speed of cellular function, known as metabolism (metabolic and chemical processes) in your body. This includes reflex speed, heart speed, mental speed and detox speed to name a few. Your thyroid hormone tells every cell in your body what to do, when to do it and how efficiently to do it. It regulates all the other hormones in the body and is therefore essential for life, growth and development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get a better understanding of how The Lucy Rose Clinic can help here are a few of the most commonly asked questions

At The Lucy Rose Clinic we specialise in treating thyroid and related hormonal conditions. Using modern diagnostics and skilled interpretation, our goal is to identify the root causes of disease, and then treat them.

We use an integrative approach (both conventional and complementary health solutions) to get you back to feeling yourself again. Click here to see what treatments we offer

Did you know that if you are low in iodine you will have an under functioning thyroid gland? By testing for and then treating iodine deficiency, we are able to correct many thyroid imbalances and get you back to excellent health.

At this time, complementary medicine is not eligible for rebates.

Our practitioners offer various supplements and liquid herbs along with compounded nutrients that are made up by a compounding pharmacy, specifically for you.

No, they are naturopaths, medical herbalists and nutritionists.

We also work with a panel of integrative doctors, in order to ensure efficient referrals as needed.

At The Lucy Rose Clinic we want to to get a better understanding of your symptoms. Our Support Team will ask you a few questions to help better understand what treatments will best suit you.

Unfortunately not. The standard blood tests for assessing thyroid function, only show how much hormone we have in the blood, not how well they are working. You may have adequate levels of thyroid hormones in your blood, but if they aren’t properly working, it won’t matter! Additionally, around 75% of thyroid hormone is stored in the muscle and brain tissue, NOT in the blood, so it can be difficult to see the whole picture when assessing the blood. An example of two of the many functional tests we run would be iodine and Reverse T3. If you have a deficiency of iodine, you will be unable to make thyroid hormone and if you have a high Reverse T3, your thyroid hormone will not be able to work, even if your thyroid hormone levels are good. It requires a deeper understanding of the contributing factors to thyroid health and the full picture of functional tests required to get a true picture of how your thyroid hormones are actually working.

Requires taking your temperature first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Your temperature must be taken at the same time every day to provide accurate results. These results should taken to and consulted with a trained professional.

The thyroid plays a key role in your body. It’s like a conductor, directing every cell in your body, including those in the central nervous system, heart, liver, kidneys, skin, bone and muscles.

Among its most important functions is the control of the rate of metabolism, which of course impacts weight. Thyroid hormones tell every cell in the body how quickly, efficiently and effectively to do their jobs, including how quickly you think, lose weight and detox. Without a well-functioning thyroid gland you may experience a myriad of symptoms, the most common of which include weight gain, fatigue, muscle pain and hair loss.

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