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How to Lose Weight Naturally

By Lucy Rose Clinic

February 28, 2021

I often find myself wondering how high-profile celebrities manage to keep off the weight.

How do they get in such good shape for a film or event?

I can tell you this much, they don’t do it alone!

If you want results that seem hard to achieve alone, the truth is that you probably need an expert to guide you to a set goal.

Today I want to talk about mind set and expectations many of us harbour around health and weight loss. Often unrealistically.

How to get amazing weight loss results

The Weight Loss Mindset

A big issue that most of us make when wanting to lose weight is they make weight loss the goal. Ok, I know that sounds weird and a bit contradictory.

If your goal is to lose weight – or see a set number on the scales, you are setting yourself up for failure in a few ways. One, scales are not a good measure as they count muscles mass, water and fat in one big category. Muscle weighs more than fat, and when people see weight GAIN on a scale, they feel like a failure. Even if they KNOW it is muscle mass!

Weight loss should actually be a happy bonus of a much more achievable goal – to feel healthier.

Another mindset issue we often see, is that people simply don’t know what it takes to lose weight – especially if they have – or suspect they have – a hormone imbalance. So they try what they know has worked in the past, but it doesn’t work now. That is depressing! You need an expert with training and experience in your particular issue so you can finally get to your goal!

The next most common mindset set back is just not giving things enough time. I have heard people complain that they have been on a detox program for 1 week and not got weight loss and were upset about it. Clearly, the body needs more time to rebalance itself, get healthier, boost metabolism, and lose weight. Working with a coach helps you understand realistic timeframes to see results, keeping you on track.

We are different

Most approaches to healthy eating focus on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. A dietitian rarely factors in food quality, and may recommend harmful foods such as margarine, oxidised oils such as canola, and inflammatory producing grains, such as muesli bars. If you have a hormone imbalance, these types of foods will fuel the imbalance!

At The Lucy Rose Clinic, your naturopath does a full assessment of your hormones, nutritional status, genetic differences, immune status, medical history and detoxification status. Armed with all this information, a program is designed with your goals at the fore-front. However, what you gain from following it is far more profound than weight loss.

Most patients will also experience a reversal of irritating health symptoms such as arthritis, headaches, cravings, cramping, hair loss, low libido and low mood.

We use a truly holistic health model that yields amazing results!

We also work in with your doctor and your current medications if applicable, so you are safe with any recommended changes.Book a FREE Introductory Phone Consultation

Will I have to go on a strict diet?

You get to answer this question.

A health coach works with YOUR goals. Diets and plans are designed so you can push your comfort zone as far as you want.

Admittedly, it is well recognised that the further outside your comfort zone you push, the much greater your result.

This is really why investing in a weight loss coach can get you to your goal.

If you are struggling with fatigue and motivation, are down in the dumps, and can’t be bothered, then having a coach can be the vital first step to start getting back your mojo.

Many of our patients have low thyroid hormones, their adrenals are exhausted, or they have mysterious food reactions affecting their health. It is virtually impossible to lose weight and gain energy if you are in this depleted condition. Naturopathic care can replenish your body with vital nutrients so it can run better, herbal medicine can guide your hormones to a better balance, and specific diets have massive result driven outcomes.Start Your Program TOMORROW by Booking Now

Ask yourself this

If you currently have a health or weight loss coach (person or app!), are they meeting the following criteria crucial for your success?

  1. Have they fully assessed your entire health history?
  2. Have they done thorough pathology and testing to understand the biological blocks to your weight loss?
  3. Are you getting results?
Weight loss results

Weight Loss

Our No. 1 request from our clients.

Most people will lose weight in the first 4 weeks on their program, however, it depends on the complexity of their hormone imbalance. Some people need a lot of healing work before their body will lose weight – and that is ok. We are often seeing people with these particular issues, because they have tried everything else without luck. This is where thorough pathology is needed to discover the true blocks to weight loss, and then it needs to be treated appropriately.

More Energy

Our No. 2 request! Fatigue is a sign of a thyroid and adrenal imbalance. Testing will reveal the exact cause behind the fatigue, then we can treat it. No guessing!

Better Brain Function

The next most common issue people report when they first come in is brain fog, forgetfulness, slow speech, and losing their words mid sentence. Thankfully it is not usually early onset dementia – it is a thyroid issue. Again, thorough testing shows us specifically what is driving this concern, and with treatment, brain function improves very quickly.

✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫

“… Anyone can be brought up to the top of their constitutional capabilities when tested adequately for thyroid hormone. This would only be done by clinical assessment.” – Sir Richard Ian Samuel Bayliss, Physician to the Queen.

✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫

I love that quote! By the QUEEN’S physician!

If you want ultimate success with your health goals, go ahead and click the button and book in a free 15 minute appointment!
FREE Consultation with a Qualified Practitioner

What to expect in your call

  • Speak with a Lucy Rose naturopath.
  • Discuss your symptoms and concerns.
  • Find out if your symptoms point to a hormone imbalance.
  • Find out what seeing a naturopath at the clinic costs and involves.

Weight loss and fatigue can be multifaceted problems that include nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalance. If you are struggling with weight and fatigue, maybe it’s time to come to the experts?

If you would like to take up our offer of a free call – CLICK HERE

OR you can always call us at 1300 THYROID.

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