Thyroflex Test

What is it?


The Thyroflex offers a pain-free and cost effective way of measuring the thyroid function with a simple reflex test. Our patented Thyroflex technology is currently the only non-invasive tool available to measure thyroid function at its cellular level with a very high accuracy. It does this by measuring your thyroid function by mapping your brachioradialis reflexometry (BR reflex) and resting metabolic rate, providing results in just 5 minutes!

Why do I need it?

The thyroid’s role is to maintain the speed of the body’s regulatory functions, so the consequences of a poorly performing thyroid can be far-reaching. In fact, thyroid dysfunction can negatively affect your neurological functioning, heart, skeleton, muscle, kidneys, and hormone-producing tissues in our bodies. Having varied symptoms should make diagnosis difficult or even impossible, but with the Thyroflex test a practitioner is able to see any imbalance almost immediately.


Within 5 minutes of performing the exam, your practitioner will know whether your thyroid function is within optimal range or, if not, whether it is underactive or overactive and by what margin. In fact, even if you are already regularly taking thyroid medication, the Thyroflex test helps to ensure you are on the appropriate thyroid hormone replacement dosage with 98.5% accuracy. 

What does this test help The Lucy Rose Clinic to identify?

The Thyroflex acts as an alternative to the standard TSH blood test, and is considered vastly more accurate for several reasons. Firstly, 75% of your thyroid hormone is stored in the skin, muscle and the brain, so any blood test, taken on it’s own, runs against fundamental problems.


Furthermore, of the hormone that standard blood testing is measuring, we are only able to determine the amount of thyroid hormone present in the blood, and not how it is functioning. 


For these reasons alone, the Thyroflex would be preferrable as an intial exam, but it’s non-invasive nature and fast results are also very important to our patients and to us as a Clinic.

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