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Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments to diagnose, treat and get your thyroid back into balance.

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The first step in diagnosis, the Thyroid Tune package offers a range of clinical examinations including a comprehensive blood panel testing 8 different blood markers, a halide profile and a complete nutritional break down. From these results your practitioner will be able to build an individualised treatment plan which includes a check-in call and a cookbook to assist with making any necessary dietary changes.

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The Hormone Harmony package is an in-depth breakdown of your system with a focus on your hormonal profile. This package is able to accurately test and map thyroid function (via a range of blood, halide and nutritional testing) but also examines other sites of poor health including a full sex and adrenal hormonal panel, the most comprehensive metal toxicity and mineral exam available, and a complete food intolerance break down. The combination of these tests will allow your practitioner to create a completely individualised treatment plan that will aim to correct all of these areas and lead you back to good health.

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Accurate diagnosis is the key to good health, and the Body Boss package is the most comprehensive health profile available. This package involves a complete testing panel and treatment plan at every level, not only examining and correcting thyroid function, but also offering answers to hormonal issues, metal toxicity, food intolerances, muscle mass and bone density. The Body Boss package is a direct line to a better quality of life, and your practitioner will be with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve it!

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Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment

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