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Body Boss Package

We at The Lucy Rose Clinic aim to ensure that we have the best treatment solution for you by making that no test is missed and all avenues are clinically examined

Thyroid Profile

Blood Markers tell us what nutrients and hormones might be affecting thyroid function.

Halide Profile

Iodine is an important element and it is essential for the healthy functioning of the entire hormonal system.

Nutritional Profile

Energy, detoxification and systemic inflammatory markers.

Cardiovascular Profile

Pain, cardiovascular and systemic inflammatory markers.

Adrenal Plus Profile

This maps cortisol patterns, your stress and energy rises and drops throughout the day, identifying specific issues in energy patterns.

Sex Hormone Profile

This tests for the important female and male hormones. As we age the ratio between these hormones vary, and imbalances in these ratios can have a wide impact.

Blood Sugar Profile

Blood sugar markers indicate how well you use food for energy or whether you store it as excess fat.

Mineral Scan

Aids the correct dosing of nutrients and identifies toxic load that can impact all systems in the body

Food Intolerance Test

Identify the foods that contribute to weight gain, fatigue, water retention, insomnia, IBS, gas and bloating, acne, eczema, hives, joint pain and migraine headaches

Bio Impedance Analysis

Assess and monitor muscle mass, visceral and subcutaneous fat, optimal hydration, metabolic age, bone mineral mass and basal metabolic rate.

Findings Consultation

Your practitioner will review all test results with you, explaining what they mean and why they're important, to ensure you are fully aware of what's happening in your system.

Treatment Plan

Now with all the information and test results in front of them, your practitioner will develop an individualised treatment plan that will start you on the path back to good health!

An initial consultation is $167 and, depending on your test results and personal preferences, you can select different testing and treatment packages

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Our practitioners offer various supplements and liquid herbs along with compounded nutrients that are made up by a compounding pharmacy, specifically for you.

  1. No, they are naturopaths, medical herbalists and nutritionists.
  2. We do work with a panel of integrative doctors, where we can offer a referral to them for you as they can assist with your medications.

Our practitioners are registered with approximately 80% of health funds. We suggest calling our head office on 1300 849 764 to get more details for your health fund, prior to your appointment.

At The Lucy Rose Clinic we want to to get a better understanding of your symptoms. Our Support Team will ask you a few questions to help better understand what treatments can better suit you.

At The Lucy Rose Clinic we would like to ensure that we have the right treatment tailored for you. Not all patients are the same and finding the best solution for you is through the tests

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