What You Can Do About Natural Fertility

What You Can Do About Natural Fertility

Natural fertility: 1 in 6 couples will have some difficulty conceiving

With infertility on the rise, more and more couples are turning to assisted reproductive technology to have a family so it is important that you pay careful attention to your health in the lead up to starting a family. Eggs take about 100 days to mature and the formation of sperm takes approximately 116 days. Both are susceptible to damage and oxidation during this time, which is why preconception care should begin at least 3 months prior to conception. Thyroid health regulates the speed and cellular functions within the body, including healthy conception and gestation.









A qualified naturopath can help build a personalized preconception care program for you and your partner to guide you along. This may include:
1# Detoxification to maximize fertility

2# Individualized eating plans

3# Nutritional supplementation to maximize fertility

4# Education on charting ovulation

5# Advice on timing of conception

6# Nutritional and Hormonal screening and testing

7# Treatment for fertility issues and hormonal imbalance if required








Good nutrition is so especially crucial during the preconception period which is several months before you start trying for a baby. A well balanced, unprocessed and nutrient rich diet is a fantastic option for both partners, and supplementing with some key nutrients during this time helps to boost fertility, prepare your body and set you up for a healthy pregnancy. Many people think that folic acid is the only supplement needed, when in fact there are not only different types of folate and testing methods, but other core nutrients play essential roles as well.








Herbal medicine is often used in the preconception period and it’s not only to support the fertility of both partners. Popular herbals such as Chaste Tree (also known as Vitex), Wild yam, Peony and Dong Quai are often used to tone the uterus, balance the endocrine system and support fertility in women, while several popular herbs such as Withania, Damiana and Ginseng may be used for men. Preconception and conception is a special time, but stress and general busyness can take its toll, so herbal medicine plays an important part of reducing the impact of this on your health. Individuals may need support for nervous system, gastric and circulatory issues prior to falling pregnant.


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