Why Good Water Filters = Healthier Thyroids!

Why Good Water Filters = Healthier Thyroids!

Why is fresh, clean water so important for our health?


Have you noticed the taste of tap water?  Have you smelt those ghastly chlorine fumes when running a bath or shower? Do you notice the feel of your skin when you step out of the shower – dry and rough skin? When you start drinking filtered water on a regular basis, you will never go back to tap water or have any desire for it ever again!




In order to maintain adequate hydration of the body, our cells and tissues require pure water, free from chemicals and toxins. Standard drinking tap water is likened to a chemical cocktail of harmful, destructive components that do little for our hydration or state of overall health. One of the most detrimental effects these chemicals can have is creating thyroid dysfunction.  Chlorine and fluoride are two of the major culprits that block the production of our thyroid hormones.  So if you regularly drink tap water you are not doing your body any favours! Both chlorine and fluoride block our #1 nutrient, Iodine, from being absorbed into the body’s cells. And why does this matter??? Simply because Iodine is one of the main things we need to produce our thyroid hormones.


Zazen water filters

Keep in mind there are number of points to consider when selecting a water filter:

  • Does it remove fluoride and chlorine?
  • Does it remove other chemicals, pollutants, bacteria etc?
  • What is the filter made of?
  • How often do you need a replacement filter?
  • Can the company provide lab test results that clearly depict the removal of chemicals?
  • MOST Importantly: does it remineralize the water to keep it alkaline?


**Best idea is to go online and see what is available with each company.  Most places will offer a number of different units to suit your individual needs.  For example, there are bench top units, shower filters, fridge and caravan units and whole house filtration systems.  We highly recommend the Zazen filters and have found these to work really well.


The solution to this is to ensure you drink filtered water daily.



leaf on water

Which water filters are reputable brands and remove majority of contaminants?

  • ZAZEN (Trusted by 1,799 Organic Stores and Natural Health Practitioners across Australia) There is a discount available for our patients, please call 1300THYROID for more info or read here about Zazen filters and the Primary School sponsorship program
  • pH PRESCRIPTION from America


Alkaline Water Benefits

“Drinking three cups (775mls) of water before completing a task can increase the brain’s reaction time by 14%.”
University of East London School of Psychology Study 2013 – published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience

A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger:

  • trouble with basic math
  • difficulty focusing, fatigue and yawning
  • erratic and moody behaviour
  • constipation
  • aches & pains unrelated to injury/infection
  • craving sugar, sweets and caffeine

The zazen Alkaline Water System creates the correct structure and energy to allow for cellular hydration. Remember, water must have the right properties to allow the body to hydrate; zazen Water mimics what Mother Nature does.

Hydration will provide increased energy and vitality and can support a whole health strategy for a longer healthier life.





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Christine Howell

Dip of Applied Science (Naturopathy), Southern School of Natural Therapies
Christine gained her qualifications as a naturopath over 20 years ago and over this time has developed a love and passion for hormone management. Having specialized in children’s health, mental health issues and hormonal imbalances for a number of years, Christine is aware of the importance of good nutrition and supportive natural medicines to help achieve optimal health. Naturopathy has so much to offer, especially with thyroid conditions that can be vastly improved through better nutrition and using an integrated approach to improve overall well being. Her lifelong dedication has always been about educating people to live healthier and happier lifestyles.SShe has experienced firsthand the importance of good sound advice and knowledge for patients. In her retail consulting experience, so often people of the public are so misguided or mislead with information they have read or what they thought someone had told them: “Focusing on individualized treatment plans, is the key step to unlocking the burden of unwanted/ troublesome symptoms.”
EDITED KIMKimberly Orbons 

Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine

Head Naturopath Kimberly Orbons is passionate about encouraging and empowering each person to facilitate their own good health with Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and preventative lifestyle management. Using a combination of diagnostics and symptomatology to identify the different metabolic processes contributing to disease allows her to treat the root or cause of poor health, providing relief of symptoms and long term recovery. Kimberly believes it is extremely important to build a personalized healing plan, taking all the complexities of a patient’s health and illness into consideration. Her consults have a strong focus on client care and treating each patient as an individual, and may therefore co-ordinate with other medical treatments. The goal is to establish each patient’s ability to live in the best possible state of health, naturally.