Why Sardines are a Good Choice

Why Sardines are a Good Choice


Some of you might wrinkle up your nose at the thought of eating sardines but…. They are worth trying then. Plus – FRESH Sardines are SO much tastier than tinned plus you don’t get the nasty BPA chemicals that can leech into foods from the packaging…

Stay with me for the top 5 reasons to eat fresh sardines.


1. Reduces inflammation. They are one of the highest sources of essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Omega 3’s have been shown to help reduce inflammation and support heart health.


2. Support healthy bones. They are high in calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is vital to bone integrity and vitamin D supports absorption of calcium. Sardines also contain phosphorus another bone support mineral.


3. High in Protein, Iodine and other minerals and vitamins such as selenium and vitamin B12 (Essential components for our heart and cardiovascular system, and optimal thyroid health!)


4. Low risk of heavy metal contamination. As they are small fish they don’t carry the risk of being contaminated with heavy metals, such as mercury. Higher than average levels of mercury have been found in larger ocean fish such as tuna.

Sardines home cooked by Anna, fresh from the Footscray markets

Sardines home cooked by Anna, fresh from the Footscray markets


5. They are a fast growing species making them a better environmental choice than some of the larger fish. Choose Australian grown fresh sardines. You can ask your fish shop to fillet them for you or there is some great instructional you tube clips with different techniques.


Recommended Recipe

1. I buy my fresh sardines from the Footscray Market in Melbourne. Depending on how much time I have I will fillet my own at home or buy them filleted (more expensive but convenient).

2. Then I marinate in freshly grated ginger/lemongrass/coconut aminos/ garlic and olive oil.

3. I lightly fry them in some coconut oil (extra virgin if you like the coconut taste virgin if you want it neutral) and serve with a salad or roast vegetables.


Have I convinced you!? 



Anna Gooch, form The Lucy Rose Clinic Melbourne

Anna Gooch Andrew, from The Lucy Rose Clinic Melbourne

Anna Gooch Andrew

Anna holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine.Anna has a lifelong love of herbs, nutrition, healthy living and yoga. After a year spent volunteering in regional Bangladesh running nutritional programs with local groups of women and children, Anna returned to Australia with a number of health concerns. In dealing with these, she came to realise the benefits that natural medicine could bring and this inspired her to study Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine. These practices have transformed her own life as well as the lives of many of her closest friends.

Anna believes that natural medicine is a powerful tool that can help all people achieve good health and her knowledge, caring attitude and empathy allow her to help her clients in the same way that she has helped herself and her friends.

Anna also works as a yoga teacher for the Fernwood gym in Yarraville. She also holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree and a Bachelor of Social Science degree.

Anna is a registered member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA).