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Normal TSH Case Study

By Lucy Rose Clinic

January 22, 2021

Today I have a story to share from one of our clients who had her review appointment a couple of weeks ago – so this year.

It’s the classic “but my TSH is NORMAL!” case, and we have people asking about this daily!

Have a look at her test results alongside her symptoms, and ask yourself – is this really NORMAL? 


We are asked daily why TSH can be in range, and how can it still be a thyroid problem if the Dr says it is fine. Click here for MORE ON SUB-OPTIMAL THYROID

Maria (pseudo name) came to us because she had a feeling her thyroid was not right.

Her symptoms included:

  • Constant Feeling of Cold
  • Slower Thinking
  • Difficulty with Math
  • Gain Weight Easy
  • Palpitations
  • Cannot Tolerate Noise
  • Constantly Exhausted and Tired
  • Sleep pattern broken and irregular

Her TSH was always in the normal range, so she never had it looked into further.

When she came to us late last year, we ran comprehensive testing and discovered that her thyroid function was sub-optimal, and causing all of these symptoms!

Was she shocked?

No – she had a gut feeling that was what was happening. But now she actually knew due to forensic pathology, and she felt relieved!

One reason for the sub-optimal thyroid condition was due to a severe iodine deficiency at a cellular level. Find MORE articles on iodine – click HERE

Maria had had a fair bit of stress in her life (who hasn’t!?!) and had developed 30 severe food intolerances that our testing picked up. Stress and a diet that tends to go along with stress (convenience and take meals, coffee, alcohol, etc) result in a ‘leaky gut’, a condition that results in intestinal permeability. This leads to food intolerances, inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, and much more! Learn more about food testing HERE

She also had a toxic estrogen burden, and this greatly impacts how well the thyroid hormones can work.

Her adrenal hormones were out of balance due to stress, and cortisol was low. This affects the level of inflammation in the body, so her inflammatory markers were sneaking up to problematic levels, and causing overall joint and muscle aches and pains.

She was keen to get this sorted, and in only a short few months had a radical turn around!

Results at Follow Up 3 – these are her naturopath’s notes:

Energy amazing!  10/10

Nothing seems stressful, just a little at Christmas took some extra time off

Sleeping great!

Last menstrual cycle good

Bloating all gone!

Bowels move daily

Weight gone down currently lost 11 kg! 

People commenting on how good she looks and how more outgoing she is.

Skin looks great! 

These results came from drug-free treatment options, and diet changes according to her own food intolerance report.

Maria is just one of our many clients who has had a massive health turn around in only 12 weeks. If she hadn’t of acted, she would be struggling today.

Find out how we can help you too – book a free call today.⬇


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